Prince Arthur, Merlin, Charlemagne, Barbarossa, dom Sebastian, Charles V., Elijah Mansur, Desmond of Kilmallock, etc., are traditionally not dead, but only sleeping till the fulness of time, when each will awake and effect most wondrous restorations.

Mohair (The Men of), the citizens of France.

The men of mohair, as the citizens were called.—Ayslum Christi, viii

Mohareb, one of the evil spirits of Dom-Dani el, a cave “under the roots of the ocean.” It was given ou t that these spirits would be extirpated by one of the family of Hodeirah, so they leagued against the whole race. First, Okba was sent against the obnoxious race, and succeeded in killing eight of them, Thalaba alone having escaped alive. Next, Abdaldar was sent against Thalaba, but was killed by a simoom. Then Lobaba was sent to cut him off, but perished in a whirlwind. Lastly, Mohareb underlook to destroy him. He assumed the guise of a warrior, and succeeded in alluring the youth to the very “mouth of hell;” but Thalaba, being alive to the deceit, flung Mohareb into the abyss.—Southey: Thalaba the Destroyer, v. (1797).

Mohicans (Last of the), Uncas the Indian chief, son of Chingachook, and called “Deerfoot.”—F. Cooper: The Last of the Mohicans (a novel, 1826).

(The word ought to be pronounced Mo-hek-kanz, but is usually called Mo’.he.kanz.)

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