M, said to represent the human face without the two eyes. By adding these, we get O M O, the Latin homo, “man.” Dantê, speaking of faces gaunt with starvation, says—

Who reads the name
For man upon his forehead, there the M
Had traced most plainly.

   —Dante: Purgatory, xxiii. (1308).

The two downstrokes stand for the contour, and the V of the letter for the nose. Thus: IºVºI

M. This letter is very curiously coupled with Napoleon I. and III.

1. Napoleon I.:

Mack (General) capitulated at Ulm (October 19, 1805).

Maitland (Captain), of the Bellerophon, was the person to whom he surrendered (1814).

Malet conspired against him (1812).

Mallieu was one of his ministers, with Maret and Montalivet.

Marbeuf was the first to recognize his genius at the military college (1779).

Marchand was his valet; accompanied him to St. Helena; and assisted Montholon in his Mémoires.

Maret duke of Bassano was his most trusty counsellor (1804–1814).

Marie Louise was his wife, the mother of his son, and shared his highest fortunes. His son was born in March; so was the son of Napoleon III.

Marmont duke of Ragusa was the second to desert him. (See Murat.)

6 Marshals and 26 Generals of Divisions had M for their initial letter.

Macdonald duke of Tarentum.

Massena was the general who gained the victory of Rivoli (1797). Napoleon gave him the soubriquet of L’Enfant Cheri de la Victoire; he was made duke of Essling, and after his victory of Rivoli created duke of Rivoli.

Melas was the Austrian general conquered at Marengo, and forced back to the Mincio (June 14, 1800).

Menou lost him Egypt (1801).

Metternich vanquished him in diplomacy.

Miollis was employed by him to take Pius VII. prisoner (1809).

Money duke of Coriegliano.

Montalivet was one of his ministers, with Maret and Mallieu.

Montbel wrote the life of his son, “the king of Rome” (1833).

Montesquieu was his first chamberlain.

Montholon was his companion at St. Helena, and, in conjunction with Marchand his valet, wrote his Mémoires.

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