Garcias to Garlic

Garcias. The soul of Peter Garcias, money. Two scholars, journeying to Salamanca, came to a fountain, which bore this inscription: “Here is buried the soul of the licentiate Peter Garcias.” One scholar went away laughing at the notion of a buried soul, but the other, cutting with his knife, loosened a stone, and found a purse containing 100 ducats.—Lesage: Gil Blas (to the reader, 1715).

Garcilaso, surnamed “the Inca,” descended on the mother’s side from the royal family of Peru (1530–1568). He was the son of Sebastian Garcilaso, a lieutenant of Alvarado and Pizarro. Author of Commentaries on the Origin of the Incas, their Laws and Government.

It was from poetical traditions that Garcilasso [sic] composed his account of the Yncas of Peru … it was from ancient poems which his mother (a princess of the blood of the Yncas) taught him in his youth, that he collected the materials of his history.—Dissertation on the Era of Ossian.

Garcilaso [de la Vega], called “The Petrarch of Spain,” born at Toledo (1530–1568). His poems are eclogues, odes, and elegies of great naïveté, grace, and harmony.

Sometimes he turned to gaze upon his book,
Boscan or Garcilasso [sic].
   —Byron: Don Juan, i. 95 (1819).

Gardarike . So Russia is called in the Eddas.

Garden of the Argentine, Turcuman, a province of Buenos Ayres.

Garden of England. Worcestershire and Kent are both so called.

Garden of Erin, Carlow, in Leinster.

Garden of Europe. Italy and Belgium are both so called.

Garden of France, Amboise, in the department of Indre-et-Loire.

Garden of India, Oude.

Garden of Italy, Sicily.

Garden of South Wales, southern division of Glamorganshire.

Garden of Spain, Andalucia.

Garden of the West. Illinois and Kansas are both so called.

Garden of the World, the region of the Mississippi.

Garden (The), Covent Garden Theatre. The “Lane,” that is, Drury Lane.

He managed the Garden, and afterwards the Lane.—W. C. Macready: Temple Bar, 76, 1875.

Gardens of the Sun, the East Indian or Malayan Archipelago.

Gardening (Father of Landscape), Lenotre (1613–1700).

Gardiner (Richard), porter to Miss Seraphine Arthuret and her sister Angelica.—Sir W. Scott: Redgauntlet (time, George III.).

Gardiner (Colonel), colonel of Waverley’s regiment.—Sir W. Scott: Waverley (time, George II.).

Gareth (Sir) according to ancient r omance, was the youngest son of Lot king of Orkney and Morgawse Arthur’s [half]-sister. His mother, to dete r him from entering Arthur’s court, said, jestingly, she would

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