affectation and high-flown panegyrics on each other. It was stamped out by Giffard, in The Baviad, in 1794, and The Mæviad, in 1796. Robert Merry, who signed himself Della Crusca, James Cobb a farce- writer, James Boswell (biographer of Dr. Johnson), O’Keefe, Morton, Reynolds, Holcroft, Sheridan, Colman the younger, Mrs. H. Cowley, and Mrs. Robinson were its best exponents.

Delphin Classics (The), a set of Latin classics edited in France for the use of the grand dauphin (son of Louis XIV.). Huet was chief editor, assisted by Montausier and Bossuet. They had thirty-nine scholars working under them. The indexes of these classics are very valuable.

Delphine , the heroine and title of a novel by Mde. de Stäel. Delphine is a charming character, who has a faithless lover, and dies of a broken heart. This novel, like Corinne, was written during her banishment from France by Napoleon I., when she travelled in Switzerland and Italy. It is generally thought that “Delphine” was meant for the authoress herself (1802).

Delta [D] of Blackwood is D. M. Moir (1798–1815). B. Disraeli (lord Beaconsfield) also assumed this signature in 1837 and 1839.

Delville , one of the guardians of Cecilia. He is a man of wealth and great ostentation, with a haughty humility and condescending pride, especially in his intercourse with his social inferiors.—Miss Burney: Cecilia (1782).

Demands. In full of all demands, as his lordship says. His “lordship” is the marquis of Blandford; and the allusion is to Mr. Benson, the jeweller, who sent in a claim to the marquis for interest to a bill which had run more than twelve months. His lordship sent a cheque for the bill itself, and wrote on it, “In full of all demands.” Mr. Benson accepted the bill, and sued for the interest, but was non-suited (1871).

Demetia, South Wales; the inhabitants are called Demetians.

Denevoir, the seat of the Demetian king.
   —Drayton: Polyolbion, v. (1612).

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