Table of contents
Dactyle to Danaid  
Danaw to Darby and Joan  
Dardu-Lena to Daura  
Davenant to Dawson  
Day to Deans  
DEATH to Dee’s Speculum  
Deerslayer to Demetia  
DEMETRIUS to Derry-Down Triangle  
Dervise to Devereux  
DEVIL to Dhu’l Karnein  
Dhu’lnun to Dick Amlet  
Dick Shakebag to DINAH [Friendly]  
Dinah to Dionysia  
Dionysius to Divina Commedia  
Divine to Dodgson  
Dodington to Dog at Kew  
Dog enclosed in a Nutshell to Dolopatos  
Dombey to Donica  
Donnerhugel to D’Ormeo  
Dormer to Dougal  
DOUGLAS to Dowsabel  
Drac to Driver  
Driver of Europe to Dry-as-Dust  
Dryden of Germany to Duessa  
Dufarge to Dun Cow  
Dunbar and March to Dupré  
Durandal to Dysmas  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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