Biblia Sauperum to Binks

Biblia Sauperum. (See Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, p.132.)

Biblis, a woman who fell in love with her brother Caunus, and was changed into a fountain near Miletus.—Ovid: Metamorphoses, ix. 662.

Not that [fountain] where Biblis dropt, too fondly light,
Her tears and self may dare compare with this.
   —P. Fletcher: The Purple Island, v. (1633).

Bibulus, a colleague of Julius Cæsar, but a mere cipher in office; hence his name became a household word for a nonentity.

Bickerstaff (Isaac), a pseudonym assumed by dean Swift, in the paper-war with Partridge the almanac- maker (1709).

Richard Steele, editor of The Tatler, entitled his periodical “The lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff, esq., astrologer” (1709–1711).

Bickerton (Mrs.), landlady of the Seven Stars inn of York, where Jeanie Deans stops on her way to London, whither she is going to plead for her sisters pardon.—Sir W. Scott: Heart of Midlothian (time, George II.).

Biddenden Maids (The), two sisters named Mary and Elizabeth Chulkhurst, born at Biddenden in 1100. They were joined together by the shoulders and hips, and lived to the age of 34. Some say that it was Mary and Elizabeth Chulkhurst who left twenty acres of land to the poor of Biddenden. This tenement is called “Bread and Cheese Land,” because the rent derived from it is distributed on Easter Sunday in doles of bread and cheese. Halstead says, in his History of Kent, that it was the gift of two maidens named Preston, and not of the Biddenden Maids.

Biddy, servant to Wopsle’s great-aunt, who kept an “educational institution.” A good, honest girl, who falls in love with Pip, was loved by Dolge Orlick, but married Joe Gargery.—Dickens: Great Expectations (1860).

Biddy [Bellair] (Miss), “Miss in her teens,” in love with captain Loveit. She was promised in marriage by her aunt and guardian to an elderly man whom she detested; and during the absence of captain Loveit in the Flanders war, she coquetted with Mr. Fribble and captain Flash. On the return of her “Strephon,” she set Fribble and Flash together by the ears; and while they stood menacing each other but afraid to tight, captain Loveit entered and sent them both to the right-about.—Garrick:Miss in Her Teens (1753).

Bide-the-Bent (Mr. Peter), minister of Wolfs Hope village.—Sir W. Scott: Bride of Lammermoor (time, William III.).

Bidmore (Lord), patron of the rev. Josiah Cargill, minister of St. Ronan’s.

The Hon. Augustus Bidmore, son of lord Bidmore, and pupil of the rev. Josiah Cargill,

Miss Augusta Bidmore, daughter of lord Bidmore, beloved by the rev. Josiah Cargill.—Sir W. Scott: St. Ronan’s Well (time, George III.).

Biederman (Arnold), alias count Arnold of Geierstein [Gi-er-stine], landamman of Unterwalden. Anne of Geierstein, his brother’s daughter, is under his charge.

Bertha Biederman, Arnold’s late wife.

Rudiger Biederman, Arnold Biederman’s son.

Ernest Biederman, brother of Rudiger.

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