catomnus and sister-wife of Mausolus. Artemisia was queen of Caria, and at the death of her fraternal husband raised a monument to his memory (called a mausoleum), which was one of the “Seven Wonders of the World.” It was built by four different architects: Scopas, Timotheus, Leocharês, and Bruxis.

This made the four rare masters which began
Fair Artemysia’s husband’s dainty tomb
(When death took her before the work was done,
And so bereft them of all hopes to come),
That they would yet their own work perfect make
E’en for their workes, and their self-glories sake.
   —Lord Brooke: An Inquiry upon Fame, etc. (1554–1628).

Artful Dodger, the sobriquet of John Dawkins, a young thief, up to every sort of dodge, and a most marvellous adept in villainy.—Dickens; Oliver Twist (1837).

Arthgallo, a myth ica l British king, brother of Gorbonian, his predecessor on the throne, and son of Morvidus, the tyrant who was swallowed by a seamonster. Arthgallo was deposed, and his brother Elidure was advanced to the throne instead.—Geoffrey: British History, iii. 17 (1142).

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