Table of contents
Aaron to Abensberg  
Aberdeen Philosophical Society to Accidente  
Acestes to Adah  
ADAM to Adolpha  
Adona to Æacus  
Ægeon to African Magician  
Afrit or Afreet to AGNES  
Agnes to Aidenn  
Aikwood to Alban  
Albania to Alcibiades’ Tables  
Alcides to Alexander the Great  
Alexander and Clitus to Alfred as a Gleeman  
Alfred to Alkoremmi  
All Fools to Almansor  
ALMANZOR to Alquife  
Al Rakim to Amalthea  
Amanda to Ambrose  
Ambrosian Chant to Amiel  
Amin to Amphitryon  
Amreet to Anacreon Moore  
Anadems to Androclus and the Lion  
Andromache to Angelique  
Angelo to Annie Winnie  
Annir to Antiope  
Antipholus to Antony and Cleopatra  
Anvil to Apostolic Fathers  
Appetiser to Aranza  
Araphil to Ardven  
Areopagitica to Ariconium  
Arideus to Armande  
Armida to Arsaces  
Arsetes to Arthgallo  
ARTHUR to Arvida  
Arviragus to Asmodeus  
Asmodeus to Astoreth  
Astræa to Athena  
Athenæum to Aubri’s Dog  
Auburn to Austria and the Lion’s Hide.  
Austrian Army awfully arrayed to Azyoruca  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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