Simonds History of American Literature
Early Colonial Literature. 1607-1700
The English in Virginia
Pilgrims and Puritans in New England
The New England Clergy
Puritan Poetry in New England
The Eighteenth Century
The First Half of the Century
Benjamin Franklin: 1706-1790
The Second Half of the Century
Poetry of the Revolution
The Close of the Century
The Beginning Of The Nineteenth Century
The New Literature: The Knickerbocker Group
Washington Irving: 1783-1859
James Fenimore Cooper : 1789-8151
William Cullen Bryand : 1794-1878
Philosophy And Romance
The Literary Development of New England
Ralph Waldo Emerson : 1803-1882
Henry D. Thoreau : 1817-1862
Nathaniel Hawthorne : 1804-1864
Edgar Allan Poe : 1809-1849
The New England Poets
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow : 1807-1882
John Greeleaf Whittier : 1807-1892
James Russell Lowell : 1819-1891
Oliver Wendell Holmes :1809-1894
General Literary Development
The Historians
Orators and Statesmen
Writers of Pennsylvania and New York
Novelists and Humorists
Poetry,South and North
Scholars and Essayists
Recent Years
Fiction since 1870
The Modern Poets
The Innovators: Free Verse
The Essay and the Drama
A Chronological Review Of American Literature

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