Roget's Thesaurus
Abut to Actor Actual to Adversity
Advert to Ago Agog to Allusive
Ai to Abuse Alluvial to Anatomy
Ancestor to Apiece Aplomb to Ardent
Arduous to Asperity Asperse to Attribution
Attrition to Azygous Baa to Bar
Baragouin to Beardless Bearer to Bench
Bencher to Bifrons Bifurcation to Blind
Blind to Bolt Bolthead to Box
Boxer to Brim Brim-full to Bullion
Bully to Byword Cab to Cane
Cangue to Carriage Carrier to Caustic
Cautelous to Chaomancy Chaos to Chimera
Chimney to Citrine City to Clot
Clothes to Collar Collate to Communicate
Communication to Concinnity Concise to Consanguinity
Conscience to Contract Contractility to Corollary
Corona to Coup Coupe to Credit
Creditor to Crush Crust to Cut
Cut to Czar Dab to Debate
Debauch to Define Definite to Denote
Denouement to Despondency Despot to Dictate
Dictator to Disavow Disband to Dishonest
Dishonour to Dissonance Dissuade to Doited
Dolce to Dramatis Drapery to Dubious
Dubitation to Dyslogistic Each to Elbow
Elbow-room to Empower Empressement to Enough
En passant to Equitable Equitation to Event
Eventful to Exhilarate Exhort to Extract
Extradition to Eyrie Fabian to Falter
Fame to Feature Feckless to Figure
Figure-head to Flail Flair to Flow
Flower to Forbid Forbidding to Fraction
Fractious to Fudge Fuel to Fylfot
Gab to Generalship Generate to Glade
Gladiator to Goose-skin Goose-step to Greedy
Green to Guinde Guise to Gyve
Haberdashery to Harbinger Harbour to Heart
Heart-ache to Hexachord Hexagon to Hole
Hole-and-corner to Houseless Housemaid to Hypocrisy
Hypocrite to Hysteron Icarus to Immortal
Immovable to Impute Inability to Incubus
Inculcate to Inexpressive Inexpugnable to In
Innuendo to Intensity Intent to Intrigue
Intrinsic to Irrevocable Irrigate to Ivory
Jab to Judgment Judgment-seat to Juxtaposition
Kadi to Kyanise Laager to Laudator
Laugh to Lent Lenticular to Like
Likelihood to Lock Locker to Luck
Luckless to Lyrics Mab to Mammon
Mammoth to Master Mastered to Megaphone
Megascope to Mighty Migrate to Mishap
Mishmash to Mongrel Moniliform to Mould
Moulder to Mute Mutilate to Mythology
Nab to Net Nether to Nook
Noon to Nymph Oaf to Offensive
Offer to Orb Orbicular to Outshine
Outside to Oxygenate Pabulum to Parabolic
Parachronism to Pass Passable to Pediment
Pedlar to Perky Perlustration to Phonograph
Phosphorescent to Pique Pirate to Pleasure
Plebeian to Polyphonism Polyphony to Pot-companion
Potency to Prefiguration Prefix to Prick
Prickle to Profound Profoundly to Prostration
Prosy to Punch Punctate to Pyx
Quack to Quiz Quizzical to Quotient
Rabbet to Rash Rasher to Reception
Receptive to Refectory Refer to Reliance
Relic to Reproach Reprobate to Retard
Retch to Rifleman Rift to Rot
Rota to Runner Running to Ryot
Sabbatarian to Satisfy Satrap to Sciolist
Sciomancy to Sea-side Season to Sensationalism
Sense to Severe Sew to Ship
Shipload to Side-slip Sidereal to Skeleton
Sketch to Slouch Slouch-hat to Sober
Sober-minded to Slough Soul to Spill
Spin to Spurious Spurn to Standing
Standpoint to Stickle Stickler to Strange
Stranger to Stun Stung to Sudatorium
Sudden to Supposititious Suppress to Swinish
Swipe to Syzygy Tab to Tart
Tartan to Terraqueous Terrestrial to Thrive
Throat to Toccata Tocsin to Trace
Tracery to Tremble Tremendous to Truly
Trump to Twine Twinge to Tyro
Uberty to Unblemished Unblenching to Uncurl
Uncut to Unentertaining Unentitled to Unhoped
Unhouse to Unmoved Unmusical to Unreproached
Unreproved to Unsupported Unsuppressed to Uphill
Uphold to Uxorious Vacant to Vent
Ventilate to Vintage Viola to Vulture
Wabble to Waver Wavy to Where
Whereabouts to Wire-drawn Wireless to Wretched
Wriggle to Wynd Xanthippe to Xylophone
Yacht to Youth Zadkiel to Zymotic

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