ATTICUS.—Who but must laugh, if such a man there be?
Who would not weep, if Atticus were he?

Pope.—Prol. to Sat., Line 213.

AUDIENCE.—Let me have audience for a word or two.

Shakespeare.—As You Like It, Act V. Scene 4. (Jacques to De Bois.)

AULD LANG SYNE.—Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to min’?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days o’ lang syne?

Burns.—Auld Lang Syne, Verse 1.

AUSTERITY.—Here’s a starch’d piece of austerity!

Beaumont and Fletcher.—The Wild Goose Chase, Act I. Scene 3.

AUTHOR.—1. Madam, a man in marvellous foul linen, bedaggled all over, and who, so please you, looks very much like a poet, wants to speak with you. 2. Shew him up; don’t stir, gentlemen, ’tis but an author.

Le Sage.—Gil Blas, Vol. I. Book III. Chap. 11.

AUTHORITY.— Man, proud man!
Dress’d in a little brief authority;
Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d,
His glassy essence—like an angry ape
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven,
As make the angels weep.

Shakespeare.—Measure for Measure, Act II. Scene 2. (Isabella to Angelo.)

AUTUMN.—All-cheering plenty, with her flowing horn,
Led yellow Autumn, wreath’d with nodding corn.

Burns.—Brigs of Ayr.

Crown’d with the sickle and the wheaten sheaf,
While Autumn, nodding o’er the yellow plain,
Comes jovial on.

Thomson.—Autumn, Line 1.

AVOIDED.—Of all men else I have avoided thee:
But get thee back.

Shakespeare.—Macbeth, Act V. Scene 7. (Macbeth to Macduff.)

AWAKE.—Awake, arise, or be for ever fallen!

Milton.—Paradise Lost, Book I. Line 330.

AWAKE.—Awake, Æolian lyre, awake!

Gray.—Progress of Poesy, Line 1.

Awake up, my glory; awake, lute and harp!

Psalm lvii. Verse 9.

My fairest, my espoused, my latest found,
Heaven’s last best gift, my ever new delight!

Milton.—Paradise Lost, Book V. Lines 18, 896. (Adam to Eve.)

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