ABRA.—Abra was ready ere I call’d her name;
And, though I call’d another, Abra came,
Her absence made the night, her presence brought the day.

Prior.—Solomon, Book II. Lines 363, 592.

ABSENCE.—In the hope to meet
Shortly again, and make our absence sweet.

Ben Jonson.—Underwoods, an Elegy.

An hour or two
Never breaks squares in love; he comes in time
That comes at all; absence is all love’s crime.

Beaumont and Fletcher.—The Widow, Act II. Scene 2.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Haynes Bailey.—Isle of Beauty; Odes to Rosa.

What vigour absence adds to love.

Flatman.—Weeping at parting, a Song.

Absence in most, that quenches love,
And cools the warm desire;
The ardour of my heart improves,
And makes the flame aspire.

Cotton.—A Song, Verse 2.

Friends, though absent, are still present.

Cicero.—On Friendship, Chapter VII.

[The mottoes or phrases, “Though lost to sight, to memory dear,” and “Though absent, not forgotten,” are probably derived from the passage in Cicero; for I have not met with them in my reading, neither can I learn that they are to be found in any author.]

ABSTRACTS.—They are the abstracts, and brief chronicles of the time.

Shakespeare.—Hamlet, Act II. Scene 2.

Brief abstract and record of tedious days.

Shakespeare.—King Richard III. Act IV. Scene 4. (Duchess to Queen Margaret.)

ACCIDENTS.—Wherein I spoke of most disastrous chances; Of moving accidents by flood and field.

Shakespeare.—Othello, Act I. Scene 3. (To the Senate, justifying his marriage with Desdemona.)

ACES.—We gentlemen, whose chariots roll only upon the four aces, are apt to have a wheel out of order.

Sir John Vanbrugh.—The Provoked Husband, Act II., by Cibber.

On the four aces doom’d to roll.

Churchill.—The Duellist, Book I. Line 68.

ACHES.—Up start as many aches in his bones, as there are ouches in his skin.

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