Table of contents
Wade, Thomas  
Wakefield, Gilbert  
Wallace, Lewis  
Waller, Edmund  
Waller, John Francis  
Walpole, Horatio or Horace  
Walpole, Sir Spencer  
Walton, Izaak  
Warburton, Bartholomew Eliot George  
Warburton, William  
Ward, Artemus  
Ward, Robert Plumer  
Ward, William George  
Wardlaw, Elizabeth, Lady  
Warner, Susan  
Warner, William  
Warren, Samuel  
Warton, Joseph  
Warton, Thomas  
Waterland, Daniel  
Waterton, Charles  
Watson, John  
Watson, Robert  
Watson, Thomas  
Watts, Alaric Alexander  
Watts, Isaac  
Waugh, Edwin  
Webbe, William  
Webster, Mrs. Augusta (Davies)  
Webster, Daniel  
Webster, John  
Webster, Noah  
Wells, Charles Jeremiah  
Wendover, Roger de  
Wesley, Charles  
Wesley, John  
Westall, William  
Wharton, Thomas Wharton, 1st Marquis of  
Whateley, Richard  
Whetstone, George  
Whewell, William  
Whichcote, Benjamin  
Whipple, Edwin Percy  
Whiston, William  
White, Gilbert  
White, Henry Kirke  
White, Joseph Blanco  
White, Richard Grant  
Whitehead, Charles  
Whitehead, William  
Whitman, Walter or Walt  
Whitney, William Dwight  
Whittier, John Greenleaf  
Whyte-Melville, George John  
Wiclif, or Wyclif, John  
Wilberforce, William  
Wilcox, Carles  
Wilde, Oscar Fingal O’Flaherty Wills  
Wilkes, John  
Wilkie, William  
Wilkins, John  
Wilkinson, Sir John Gardner  
William of Malmesbury  
William of Newburgh, or Newbury  
Williams, Sir Charles Hanbury  
Willis, Browne  
Willis, Nathaniel Parker  
Wills, James  
Wills, William Gorman  
Wilson, Alexander  
Wilson, Sir Daniel  
Wilson, John (“Christopher North”)  
Wilson, John  
Wilson, Thomas  
Wingate, David  
Winthrop, Theodore  
Wither, George  
Wodrow, Robert  
Wolcot, John  
Wolfe, Charles  
Wood, or À Wood, Anthony  
Wood, Mrs. Ellen (Price)  
Wood, John George  
Woolman, John  
Woolner, Thomas  
Wordsworth, Christopher  
Wordsworth, Christopher  
Wordsworth, Dorothy  
Wordsworth, William  
Wotton, Sir Henry  
Wraxall, Sir Nathaniel William  
Wright, Thomas  
Wyatt, Sir Thomas  
Wycherley, William  
Wyntoun, Andrew of  

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