Xanthic to Xylophagous


Xanthic, a. Yellowish, tending to yellow, fulvous, fulvid.

Xanthic acid. Ethyldisulphocarbonic acid.

Xanthic oxide. Uric oxide, xanthin (e).

Xanthin, n. [Written also Xanthine.] Uric oxide, xanthic oxide.

Xanthite, n. Yellow vesuvian, yellow idocrase, yellow pyramidal garnet.

Xanthium, n. Bur-weed.

Xanthocarpous, a. (Bot.) Yellow-fruited, bearing yellow fruit.

Xanthocon, n. [Written also Xanthocone.] Arsenio-sulphide of silver.

Xanthopicrin, n. Berberine, xanthopicrite.

Xanthopicrite, n. Berberine, xanthopicrin.

Xanthopous, a. (Bot.) Yellow-stemmed, having a yellow stem, with yellow stems.

Xanthous, a.

    1. Fair, blond (e), light-complexioned, fair-complexioned.
    2. Fair-haired, blond-haired, yellow-haired.

Xeres, n. Sherry.

Xiphias, n. (Ich.) Sword-fish.

Xiphoid, a. (Anat.) Ensiform, sword-shaped, sword-like.

Xiphosura, n. King-crab, limulus.

Xylanthrax, n. Wood-coal, bovey-coal.

Xylite, n. Rock-wood, mountain-wood, ligniform asbestos.

Xylocopa, n. Carpenter-bee.

Xylograph, n. Wood-cut, wood-engraving, cut, engraving on wood.

Xylographer, n. Wood-engraver.

Xylography, n.

    1. Wood-engraving, wood-graver’s art, wood-cutting, engraving on wood.
    2. Decorative printing on wood, printed wood-decoration.

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