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View, v. a.

    1. Survey, scan, eye, see, witness, behold, inspect, explore, contemplate, look on or upon, turn the eyes to, have in sight.
    2. Consider, regard, study, contemplate, think about, reflect upon, survey intellectually, examine with the mental eye.

View, n.

    1. Sight, survey, inspection, examination by the eye.
    2. Mental survey, intellectual examination.
    3. Sight, reach of the sight.
    4. Prospect, scene, vista, perspective.
    5. Sketch, picture.
    6. Design, purpose, object, aim, intent, intention, scope, drift.
    7. Opinion, judgment, notion, belief, impression, idea, sentiment, conception.
    8. Appearance, show, aspect.

Viewless, a. Invisible, unseen, indiscernible.

Vigil, n.

    1. Watch, sleeplessness, abstinence from sleep.
    2. Devotional watching, waking for religious exercises.
    3. Wake.

Vigilance, n. Watchfulness, lookout, circumspection, incessant care, scrupulous attention.

Vigilant, a. Watchful, circumspect, careful, wakeful, on the lookout, wide-awake, on the alert.

Vigor, n.

    1. Strength, force, might, power, physical force.

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