Universal to Unpurified

Universal, a.

    1. Unlimited, all-reaching, catholic, general, without exception.
    2. Total, whole, entire.
    3. All, comprising all particulars.
    4. Ecumenical, general.

Universal, n. (Log.)

    1. General notion or conception, concept, notion, idea (in the Platonic sense).
    2. Universal proposition.

Universality, n. Generality, catholicity, unlimited application.

Universal language. Pasigraphy, pasilaly.

Universally, ad. Without exception, uniformly, invariably, in all cases, in every instance.

Universal medicine. Panacea, catholicon.

Universe, n. World, cosmos, nature, whole creation, all created things.

University, n. Seminary of learning (of the highest class), literary institution, universal school.

Unjust, a.

    1. Inequitable, partial, unfair, wrong, wrongful.
    2. Unrighteous, wicked, wrong, iniquitious, nefarious, flagitious, heinous.
    3. Unfair, partial, uncandid, prejudiced, biassed, one-sided.

Unjustifiable, a.

    1. Unwarrantable, indefensible, wrong, unjust.
    2. Inexcusable, unpardonable.

Unkind, a. Unfriendly, ungracious, unsympathizing, ungenial, unamiable, disobliging, harsh, cruel.

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