Underhanded to Unfinished

Underhanded, a. See Underhand, a.

Underhandedly, ad. See Underhand, ad.

Underived, a.

    1. Original, primeval, aboriginal, primary, first.
    2. Radical, primitive.

Underjaw, n. Lower jaw.

Underlease, n. (Law.) Sublease.

Underlet, v. a. Sublet, let or lease at second hand.

Underlie, v. a.

    1. Lie under, rest beneath, be situated under.
    2. Support, be at the basis of.

Underline, v. a. Underscore, draw a line under.

Underling, n. Understrapper, fag, servant, inferior agent, subordinate.

Undermine, v. a.

    1. Sap, mine.
    2. Ruin secretly, sap the foundations of.

Undermost, a. Lowest.

Underneath, prep. Under, beneath, below.

Underneath, ad. Below, under, beneath.

Under one’s own hand. Under one’s signature. Having the name, sign, or mark written, attested by, signed by.

Underplot, n.

    1. Subordinate plot.
    2. Secret plot, clandestine scheme.

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