Tauromachy to Tenor

Tauromachy, n. Bull-fighting.

Taurus, n. (Astron.) The Bull.

Taut, a. See Taught.

Tautog, n. [Written also Tautaug.] Black-fish (Labrus Americanus).

Tautological, a. Repetitious, repetitional, redundant, pleonastic.

Tautology, n. Repetition (of the same idea in different words), redundancy, iteration, reiteration, pleonasm.

Tavern, n. Inn, public-house, hostelry, eating-house.

Tavern-haunter, n. Tippler, toper, tavern-man.

Tawdry, a. Showy (without elegance), gaudy, flashy, glittering, in bad taste, meretricious, tinsel.

Tawny, a. Fulvous, fulvid, yellowish-brown, dull yellow.

Tax, n.

    1. Impost, duty, custom, toll, excise, tribute, assessment, rate, levy.
    2. Demand, burden, charge, requisition.
    3. Charge, accusation, censure.

Tax, v. a.

    1. Put a tax upon, assess tribute upon.
    2. Burden, load, task, make demands upon.
    3. Accuse, charge, lay upon.

Tea, n.

    1. Infusion (especially of the dried leaves of the tea-plant), decoction.
    2. (Colloq.) Supper, evening meal.

Tea-berry, n. Partridge-berry, deer-berry, box-berry, wintergreen, mountain-tea (Gaultheria procumbens).

Teach, v. a.

    1. Instruct, inform, educate, enlighten, train, discipline, drill, school, tutor, indoctrinate, initiate, give instruction to, give lessons to.

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