Recrement to Refrain

Recrement, n. Scoria, dross, spume, scum, refuse, dregs.

Recriminate, v. n. Return an accusation, retort a charge.

Recrimination, n. Counter-accusation, counter-charge, retort.

Recriminatory, a. Recriminating, retorting, accusing.

Recruit, v. a.

    1. Repair, replenish, supply, lack.
    2. Refresh, revive, restore, renovate, renew, recover, reinvigorate, regain, retreive.
    3. (Mil) Reinforce, supply with new men.

Recruit, v. n.

    1. Raise new soldiers, get supplies men, enlist troops.
    2. Revive, recover, regain health, be restored to health, get well.

Rectangular, a. Right-angled.

Rectify, v. a.

    1. Correct, redress, mend, amend, emend, better, improve, reform,adjust, regulate, straighten, set right, make right.
    2.(Chem.) Refine, purify.

Rectilineal, Right-lined,a.Right-lined, Straight, straightlined.

Rectitude, n.

    1. Right, uprightness, integrity, probity, honesty, justice, equity, virtue, goodness, righteousness, principle, conscientiousness, straightforwardness.
    2. Correctness.

Rector, n. Pastor, clergyman.

Rectorate, Rectorship, n. Office of rector.

Rectory, n. Parsonage, rector’s mansion.

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