Quack to Quotidian


Quack, n. Charlatan, empiric, mountebank, impostor, pretender, humbug.

Quackery, n. Charlatanism, charlatanry, empiricism, mummery, imposition, pretension, humbug.

Quadrangular, a. Four-cornered.

Quadrate, a. Square.

Quadrate, n. Square.

Quadrifoil, Quadrifoliate, a. Four-leaved.

Quadrilateral, a. Four-sided.

Quadruped, n. Four-footed animal.

Quadruple, a. Fourfold.

Quære, v. n. [L. imperative.] Inquire, seek, question, see.

Quaff, v. a. Drink (copiously), swallow in large draughts.

Quaggy, a. Boggy, marshy, swampy, queachy.

Quagmire, n. Bog, fen, slough, morass, marsh, swamp.

Quail, v. n. Cower, shrink, flinch, faint, blench, droop, quake, tremble, be quelled, give way, lose courage, lose spirit, be cast down.

Quaint, a.

    1. Odd, strange, singular, antique, antiquated, old-fashioned, archaic, unusual, uncommon, extraordinary, unique, curious, droll, fanciful.
    2. Recondite, subtle, ingenious, artful, abstruse, nice, neat, artificially elegant, characterized by ingenuity or art.
    3. Far-fetched, affected, odd, whimsical, fantastic, out of the way.

Quake, v. n.

    1. Shake, tremble, shudder, shiver, quiver.
    2. Shake, tremble, vibrate, quiver, move

Quaker, n. Friend.

Qualifiable, a. Modifiable, abatable.

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