Pabulum to Palmy


Pabulum, n.

    1. Food, aliment.
    2. Fuel.

Pace, n.

    1. Step.
    2. Gait, walk, manner of walking.
    3. Amble (of a horse), pacing.
    4. Rate, degree of progress.
    5. Dais.

Pace, v. n.

    1. Walk (with measured steps), step, move, go.
    2. Hasten, hurry, make haste.
    3. Go at a pace, go at an ambling gait.

Pacha, n. [Written also Pasha, Pashaw, and Bashaw.] Turkish governor.

Pachydermatous, a. Thick-skinned.

Pacific, a.

    1. Conciliatory, appeasing, mild, peace-making.
    2. Peaceful, peaceable, tranquil, gentle, calm, smooth, quiet, unruffled.
    3. Peaceful, not warlike.

Pacification, n. Tranquillization, reconciliation, reconcilement, accommodation, appeasement.

Pacificator, n. Peacemaker.

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