Out and out to Oyster-plant

Out and out.

    1. (Colloq.) Completely, thoroughly, utterly, wholly.
    2. (Colloq.) Complete, thorough, consummate, unqualified, thorough-paced, extreme, absolute, perfect.

Outbalance, v. a. Overweigh, overbalance, overpoise, outweigh.

Outbreak, n.

    1. Eruption, explosion, outburst, ebullition.
    2. Riot, row, fray, affray, broil, conflict, breach of the peace, commotion.
    3. Manifestation.

Outburst, n. Eruption, outbreak.

Outcast, n.

    1. Exile.
    2. Reprobate, castaway, vagabond, Pariah, abandoned wretch.

Outcome, n. Issue, result, consequence.

Outcrop, n. (Geol.)

    1. Basseting, cropping out.
    2. Basset, basset-edge, crop.

Outcry, n.

    1. Cry, scream, screech, yell.
    2. Clamor, vociferation, noise, hue and cry, tumult.
    3. Auction, public sale.

Outdo, v. a. Excel, surpass, exceed, beat, outstrip, outvie, outgo, go beyond, be superior to.

Outdoor, a. Exterior, open-air, out-of-door, extraforaneous.

Outdoors, ad. Abroad, out-of-doors, in the open air, out of the house.

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