Of the first water to Opportune

Of the first water. Of the first or highest excellence (said of a gem).

Ogee, n. (Arch.) Cymatium, cyma.

Ogle, n. Side glance, leer, fond look.

Ogre, n. Monster, spectre, goblin, hobgoblin, bugbear, frightful object.

Oh for. Oh that I had, would that I had.

Oiliness, n. Unctuousness, greasiness.

Oil of vitriol. Sulphuric acid, vitriolic acid.

Oil-plant, n. Sesame, benne, oily-grain (Sesamum).

Oil-seed, n. Castor-bean.

Oil-skin, n. Waterproof cloth, dreadnaught.

Oily, a.

    1. Unctuous, greasy, oleaginous, sebaceous, fatty, fat, oleose, oleous.
    2. Unctuous, smooth, glib, lubricous, oleaginous, supple-chapped, plausible.
    3. Supple, compliant, subservient.

Ointment, n. Unguent.

Okra, n. [Written also Ochra, Ocra, and Okro.] Gumbo (Abelmoschus esculentus).

Old, a.

    1. Aged, elderly, of advanced age, advanced in years.
    2. Ancient, antique, antiquated, old-fashioned, olden.
    3. Of long date, not new.
    4. Going to decay, worn out, good for nothing, decayed.
    5. Ancient, pristine, primitive, original.
    6. Former, pre-existing, preceding.
    7. Experienced, practised, skilled.

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