Oaf to Obscure


Oaf, n.

    1. Changeling (when a foolish child is left in place of another).
    2. Fool, simpleton, dolt, idiot, blockhead, dunce.

Oaky, a. Hard, firm, strong.

Oath, n.

    1. Solemn affirmation, imprecatory pledge, vow, sworn statement or promise or pledge.
    2. Imprecation, blasphemy, curse, malediction.

Obduracy, n.

    1. Contumacy, stubbornness, doggedness, hardness of heart, obstinacy.
    2. Impenitence, depravity.

Obdurate, a.

    1. Hard, harsh, rugged, rough.
    2. Hardened, obstinate, firm, callous, unfeeling, stubborn, unyielding, dogged, pig-headed, inflexible, inexorable, cantankerous, hardhearted, unbending, unsusceptible, insensible.
    3. Depraved, graceless, shameless, reprobate, lost, impenitent, irreclaimable, incorrigible.

Obedience, n.

    1. Compliance, submission.
    2. Dutifulness, duty, reverence, respect.

Obedient, a. Compliant, submissive, deferential, dutiful, respectful, yielding compliance, observant, regardful, subservient.

Obeisance, n. Salutation, reverence, bow, courtesy.

Obelisk, n.

    1. Column, pillar, quadrangular pillar.

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