Man-of-war to Match

Man-of-war, n. Ship of war, armed ship.

Manor, n. Lordship, feudal estate of a nobleman.

Manor-house, n. Hall, manor-seat, mansion, mansion-house.

Mansard-roof, n. Curb-roof, gambrel-roof.

Manse, n. [Scotch.] Parsonage, parsonage-house.

Mansion, n.

    1. Dwelling, seat, residence, habitation, dwelling-house, mansion-house, abode.
    2. Manor-house, manor-seat, hall, mansion-house.

Mansion-house, n. Manor-house.

Manslaughter, n.

    1. Murder, homicide.
    2. Homicide (without malice).

Man-slayer, n. Murderer, homicide, man-killer.

Mantel, n. [Written also Mantle, Mantle-piece, Mantle-shelf.] Mantel-piece, mantel-shelf.

Mantilla, n.

    1. Hood, head-covering, kind of veil.
    2. Small mantle, light cloak.

Mantle, n.

    1. Cloak.
    2. Cover, covering.
    3. Mantel-piece, mantel-shelf.
    4. Pallium.

Mantle, v. a. Cloak, overspread, cover, disguise, obscure.

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