Kale to Knurly


Kale, n. Colewort.

Kamachi, n. Horned-screamer (Palamedea cornuta).

Kamsin, n. Simoon, simoom, samiel.

Keen, a.

    1. Eager, zealous, ardent, earnest, fervid, vehement.
    2. Sharp, acute, with a fine edge.
    3. Piercing, penetrating, cutting.
    4. Severe, bitter, poignant, acrimonious, caustic.
    5. Shrewd, discerning, quick, sagacious, astute, keen-sighted, keen-eyed, clear-sighted, long-headed.

Keen-eyed, a. Keen, keen-sighted, sharp-sighted.

Keenness, n.

    1. Ardor, vehemence, eagerness, earnestness, fervor, zest.
    2. Sharpness, acuteness.
    3. Severity, rigor, sternness.
    4. Causticity, acrimony, asperity, bitterness, pungency.
    5. Poignancy, acuteness, bitterness.
    6. Shrewdness, sagacity, astuteness.

Keen-sighted, a. Keen, sharp-sighted, keen-eyed.

Keep, v. a.

    1. Retain, detain, hold, hold fast.
    2. Preserve, maintain, continue.

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