Hedonist to Heterogeneity

Hedonist, n. Utilitarian, moralist, eudæmonist, Epicurean, Benthamite.

Heed, v. a. Regard, mind, notice, mark, observe, attend to, give heed to, pay attention to, take notice of, hearken to, listen to, obey.

Heed, n. Regard, notice, care, attention, caution, heedfulness, watchfulness, wariness, vigilance, circumspection, observation.

Heedful, a. Observant, observing, mindful, regardful, watchful, cautious, careful, wary, circumspect, attentive, provident.

Heedless, a. Unobserving, unobservant, inattentive, careless, thoughtless, negligent, neglectful, unmindful, regardless, inconsiderate, unwatchful, reckless, precipitate, rash, headlong, headless.

Heedlessness, n. Carelessness, thoughtlessness, inattention, inadvertence, neglect, oversight, recklessness, rashness, precipitancy, negligence, inconsiderateness.

Heel, n.

    1. Back of the foot or stocking or shoe.
    2. Support of the shoe or boot.
    3. Foot, bottom, lower end.
    4. Fag end, remnant, remainder, leavings.

Heel, v. a.

    1. Put a heel on, fit with a heel.
    2. Arm with spurs, fit gaffs upon.
    3. Perform with the heels, dance.

Heel, v. n. (Naut.) Incline, lean.

Heft, n. Handle, haft, helve.

Hegemonic, a. Ruling, controlling, chief, predominant, predominating, supreme, prevailing.

Hegemony, n. Leadership, headship, predominating influence, predominance, preponderance, rule.

Hegira, n.

    1. Flight of Mahomet (September 13, 622).
    2. Mahometan era (July 16, 622).

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