3. Peace, amity, friendship; kind feeling, good understanding.

Harmotome, n. Cross-stone, staurolite.

Harness, n.

    1. Tackling, tackle, gear.
    2. Accoutrements, armor, array, mail.
    3. Mounting (of a loom).

Harness, v. a. Tackle, put in harness.

Harp, n. Lyre.

Harp, v. n.

    1. Play on the harp, strike the lyre.
    2. Dwell (tediously).

Harping, n.

    1. Harp-music.
    2. Dwelling, repetition, iteration, reiteration.

Harping-iron, n. Harpoon.

Harpoon, n. Harping-iron.

Harpooneer, n. Harpooner.

Harpooner, n. Harpooneer.

Harpseal, n. Greenland seal (Phoca Grænlandica).

Harpy, n.

    1. (Mythol) Defiling monster,half bird, half woman.
    2. Duck-hawk, marsh-harrier, moor-buzzard, (Circus æruginosus).
    3. Extortioner, sharper, plunderer.

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