Dab to Dark


Dab, v. a.

    1. Strike, slap, box.
    2. Pat, strike gently.

Dab, n.

    1. Blow, stroke, pat.
    2. Lump, pat, lumpy mass.
    3. Salt-water flounder, fluke.
    4. (Colloq.) Adept, expert, proficient, masterhand, capital hand, nice hand, good hand, dabster (colloq.).

Dabble, v. a. Wet, spatter, sprinkle, moisten, dip, soak.

Dabble, v. n.

    1. Play in water, splash about.
    2. Work superficially, make slight efforts, fritter away time.
    3. Tamper, meddle, take liberties.

Dabbler, n. Sciolist, quack, superficial meddler.

Dabchick, n. Didapper, dobchick, little grebe (Podiceps minor).

Dabster, n. (Colloq.) Expert, adept, dab.

Dace, n. Dar, dare, dart (Leuciscus vulgaris).

Dad, Daddy, n. [Childish terms.] Father.

Daddy-long-legs, n.

    1. Father-long-legs, cranefly.
    2. Shepherd-spider, harvest-man.

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