Underlayer to Understand

(Un"der*lay`er) n.

1. One who, or that which, underlays or is underlaid; a lower layer.

2. (Mining) A perpendicular shaft sunk to cut the lode at any required depth. Weale.

(Un"der*leaf`) n. A prolific sort of apple, good for cider. [Obs.] Mortimer.

(Un"der*lease) n. (Law) A lease granted by a tenant or lessee; especially, a lease granted by one who is himself a lessee for years, for any fewer or less number of years than he himself holds; a sublease. Burrill.

(Un`der*let") v. t.

1. To let below the value.

All my farms were underlet.

2. To let or lease at second hand; to sublet.

(Un"der*let`ter) n. A tenant or lessee who grants a lease to another.

(Un`der*lie") v. t. [AS. underlicgan. See Under, and Lie to be prostrate.]

1. To lie under; to rest beneath; to be situated under; as, a stratum of clay underlies the surface gravel.

2. To be at the basis of; to form the foundation of; to support; as, a doctrine underlying a theory.

3. To be subject or amenable to. [R.]

The knight of Ivanhoe . . . underlies the challenge of Brian der Bois Guilbert.
Sir W. Scott.

(Un`der*lie"), v. i. To lie below or under.

(Un"der*lie`) n. See Underlay, n., 1.

(Un`der*line") v. t.

1. To mark a line below, as words; to underscore.

2. To influence secretly. [Obs.] Sir H. Wotton.

(Un"der*ling) n. [Under + - ling.] An inferior person or agent; a subordinate; hence, a mean, sorry fellow. Milton.

he fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

(Un"der*lip`) n. The lower lip.

(Un"der*lock`) n. A lock of wool hanging under the belly of a sheep.

(Un"der*lock`er) n. (Mining) A person who inspects a mine daily; — called also underviewer.

(Un`der*ly"ing) a. Lying under or beneath; hence, fundamental; as, the underlying strata of a locality; underlying principles.

(Un`der*manned") a. (Naut.) Insufficiently furnished with men; short-handed.

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