2. A remit from a strain or from exertion; to set at ease for a time; to relax; as, to unbend the mind from study or care.

You do unbend your noble strength.

3. (Naut.) (a) To unfasten, as sails, from the spars or stays to which they are attached for use. (b) To cast loose or untie, as a rope.

(Un*bend"), v. i.

1. To cease to be bent; to become straight or relaxed.

2. To relax in exertion, attention, severity, or the like; hence, to indulge in mirth or amusement.

(Un*bend"ing), a. [In senses 1, 2, and 3, pref. un- not + bending; in sense 4, properly p. pr. unbend.]

1. Not bending; not suffering flexure; not yielding to pressure; stiff; — applied to material things.

Flies o'er unbending corn, and skims along the main.

2. Unyielding in will; not subject to persuasion or influence; inflexible; resolute; — applied to persons.

3. Unyielding in nature; unchangeable; fixed; — applied to abstract ideas; as, unbending truths.

4. Devoted to relaxation or amusement. [R.]

It may entertain your lordships at an unbending hour.

Un*bend"ing*ly, adv.Un*bend"ing*ness, n.

(Un`be*nev"o*lence) n. Absence or want of benevolence; ill will.

(Un`be*nign") a. Not benign; malignant.

(Un`be*numb") v. t. [1st pref. un- + benumb.] To relieve of numbness; to restore sensation to.

(Un`be*reav"en) a. Unbereft. [R.]

(Un`be*reft") a. Not bereft; not taken away.

(Un`be*seem") v. t. [1st pref. un- + beseem.] To be unbecoming or unsuitable to; to misbecome.

(Un`be*seem"ing), a. [Pref. un- not + beseeming.] Unbecoming; not befitting.Un`be*seem"ing*ly, adv.Un`be*seem"ing*ness, n.

(Un`be*speak") v. t. [1st pref. un- + bespeak.] To unsay; hence, to annul or cancel. [Obs.] Pepys.

(Un`be*think") v. t. [1st pref. un- + bethink.] To change the mind of [Obs.]

(Un`be*ware") adv. Unawares. [Obs.] Bale.

(Un`be*witch") v. t. [1st pref. un- + bewitch.] To free from a spell; to disenchant. [R.] South.

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