Angle of torsion (of a curve) (Geom.), the indefinitely small angle between two consecutive osculating planes of a curve of double curvature.Moment of torsion(Mech.) the moment of a pair of equal and opposite couples which tend to twist a body.Torsion balance(Physics.), an instrument for estimating very minute forces, as electric or magnetic attractions and repulsions, by the torsion of a very slender wire or fiber having at its lower extremity a horizontal bar or needle, upon which the forces act.Torsion scale, a scale for weighing in which the fulcra of the levers or beams are strained wires or strips acting by torsion.

(Tor"sion*al) a. Of or pertaining to torsion; resulting from torsion, or the force with which a thread or wire returns to a state of rest after having been twisted round its axis; as, torsional force.

(Torsk) n. [Dan.; akin to Icel. þorskr a codfish, G. dorsch.] (Zoöl.) (a) The cusk. See Cusk. (b) The codfish. Called also tusk.

(Tor"so) n.; pl. E. Torsos It. Torsi [It. torso, probably fr. L. thyrsus a stalk, stem, thyrsus, Gr. cf. OHG. torso, turso, a stalk, stem, G. dorsche a cabbage stalk. Cf. Thyrsus, Truss.] The human body, as distinguished from the head and limbs; in sculpture, the trunk of a statue, mutilated of head and limbs; as, the torso of Hercules.

(Tort) n. [F., from LL. tortum, fr. L. tortus twisted, crooked, p. p. of torqure to twist, bend. See Torture.]

1. Mischief; injury; calamity. [Obs.]

That had them long opprest with tort.

2. (Law) Any civil wrong or injury; a wrongful act (not involving a breach of contract) for which an action will lie; a form of action, in some parts of the United States, for a wrong or injury.

||Executor de son tort. See under Executor.Tort feasor(Law), a wrongdoer; a trespasser. Wharton.

Torsal to Total

(Tor"sal) n. (Carp.) A torsel. Knight.

(Torse) n. [OF., fr. OF. & F. tors, torse, twisted, wreathed, p. p. of tordre to twist, L. torquere. See Torture.]

1. (Her.) A wreath.

2. [F. tors, torse, twisted.] (Geom.) A developable surface. See under Developable.

(Tor"sel) n. (Carp.) A plate of timber for the end of a beam or joist to rest on. Gwilt

(Tor`si*bil"l*ty) n. The tendency, as of a rope, to untwist after being twisted.

(Tor"sion) n. [F., fr. LL. torsio, fr. L. torquere, tortum, to twist. See Torture.]

1. The act of turning or twisting, or the state of being twisted; the twisting or wrenching of a body by the exertion of a lateral force tending to turn one end or part of it about a longitudinal axis, while the other is held fast or turned in the opposite direction.

2. (Mech.) That force with which a thread, wire, or rod of any material, returns, or tends to return, to a state of rest after it has been twisted; torsibility.

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