Toll and team(O. Eng. Law), the privilege of having a market, and jurisdiction of villeins. Burrill. Toll bar, a bar or beam used on a canal for stopping boats at the tollhouse, or on a road for stopping passengers.Toll bridge, a bridge where toll is paid for passing over it.Toll corn, corn taken as pay for grinding at a mill.Toll dish, a dish for measuring toll in mills.Toll gatherer, a man who takes, or gathers, toll.Toll hop, a toll dish. [Obs.] Crabb.Toll thorough(Eng. Law), toll taken by a town for beasts driven through it, or over a bridge or ferry maintained at its cost. Brande & C.Toll traverse(Eng. Law), toll taken by an individual for beasts driven across his ground; toll paid by a person for passing over the private ground, bridge, ferry, or the like, of another.Toll turn (Eng. Law), a toll paid at the return of beasts from market, though they were not sold. Burrill.

Syn. — Tax; custom; duty; impost.

(Toll) v. i.

1. To pay toll or tallage. [R.] Shak.

2. To take toll; to raise a tax. [R.]

Well could he [the miller] steal corn and toll thrice.

No Italian priest
Shall tithe or toll in our dominions.

(Toll), v. t. To collect, as a toll. Shak.

(Toll"a*ble) a. Subject to the payment of toll; as, tollable goods. Wright.

(Toll"age) n. Payment of toll; also, the amount or quantity paid as toll. Drayton.

(Toll"booth`) n. [Toll a tax + booth.] [Written also tolbooth.]

1. A place where goods are weighed to ascertain the duties or toll. [Obs.]

He saw Levy . . . sitting at the tollbooth.

2. In Scotland, a burgh jail; hence, any prison, especially a town jail. Sir W. Scott.

(Toll"booth`), v. t. To imprison in a tollbooth. [R.]

That they might tollbooth Oxford men.
Bp. Corbet.

(Toll"er) n. [AS. tollere.] A toll gatherer. "Tollers in markets." Piers Plowman.

(Toll"er), n. One who tolls a bell.

(Tol"le*tane) a. [L. Toletanus.] Of or pertaining to Toledo in Spain; made in Toledo. [Obs.] "Tables Tolletanes." Chaucer.

(Toll"gate`) n. A gate where toll is taken.

(Toll"house`) n.; pl. Tollhouses A house occupied by a receiver of tolls.

(Toll"man) n.; pl. Tollmen One who receives or collects toll; a toll gatherer. Cowper.

2. (Sax. & O. Eng. Law) A liberty to buy and sell within the bounds of a manor.

3. A portion of grain taken by a miller as a compensation for grinding.

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