Thunderbolt beetle(Zoöl.), a long- horned beetle (Arhopalus fulminans) whose larva bores in the trunk of oak and chestnut trees. It is brownish and bluish-black, with W-shaped whitish or silvery markings on the elytra.

(Thun"der*burst`) n. A burst of thunder.

(Thun"der*clap`) n. A sharp burst of thunder; a sudden report of a discharge of atmospheric electricity. "Thunderclaps that make them quake." Spenser.

When suddenly the thunderclap was heard.

(Thun"der*cloud`) n. A cloud charged with electricity, and producing lightning and thunder.

(Thun"der*er) n. One who thunders; — used especially as a translation of L. tonans, an epithet applied by the Romans to several of their gods, esp. to Jupiter.

That dreadful oath which binds the Thunderer.

(Thun"der*fish`) n. (Zoöl.) A large European loach

(Thun"der*head`) n. A rounded mass of cloud, with shining white edges; a cumulus, — often appearing before a thunderstorm.

(Thun"der*ing), a.

1. Emitting thunder.

Roll the thundering chariot o'er the ground.
J. Trumbull.

2. Very great; — often adverbially. [Slang]

Thun"der*ing*ly, adv.

(Thun"der*ing), n. Thunder. Rev. iv. 5.

(Thun"der*less), a. Without thunder or noise.

Thunderbird to Thyroid

(Thun"der*bird`) n. (Zoöl.) An Australian insectivorous singing bird (Pachycephala gutturalis). The male is conspicuously marked with black and yellow, and has a black crescent on the breast. Called also white-throated thickhead, orange-breasted thrust, black-crowned thrush, guttural thrush, and black-breasted flycatcher.

(Thun"der*bolt`) n.

1. A shaft of lightning; a brilliant stream of electricity passing from one part of the heavens to another, or from the clouds to the earth.

2. Something resembling lightning in suddenness and effectiveness.

The Scipios' worth, those thunderbolts of war.

3. Vehement threatening or censure; especially, ecclesiastical denunciation; fulmination.

He severely threatens such with the thunderbolt of excommunication.

4. (Paleon.) A belemnite, or thunderstone.

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