. (Arith.) See under Rule, n.

(Three"-coat`) a. (Arch.) Having or consisting of three coats; — applied to plastering which consists of pricking-up, floating, and a finishing coat; or, as called in the United States, a scratch coat, browning, and finishing coat.

(Three"-cor`nered) a.

1. Having three corners, or angles; as, a three-cornered hat.

2. (Bot.) Having three prominent longitudinal angles; as, a three-cornered stem.

(Three"-deck`er) n. (Naut.) A vessel of war carrying guns on three decks.

(Three"-flow`ered) a. (Bot.) Bearing three flowers together, or only three flowers.

(Three"fold`) a. [OE. þreofald; cf. AS. þrifeald.] Consisting of three, or thrice repeated; triple; as, threefold justice.

A threefold cord is not quickly broken.
Eccl. iv. 12.

(Three"-hand`ed) a. Said of games or contests where three persons play against each other, or two against one; as, a three-handed game of cards.

(Three"-leafed` Three"-leaved`) a. (Bot.) (a) Producing three leaves; as, three-leaved nightshade. (b) Consisting of three distinct leaflets; having the leaflets arranged in threes.

Three-leaved nightshade. See Trillium.

(Three"-lobed`) a. Having three lobes.

Three-lobed leaf(Bot.), a leaf divided into three parts, the sinuses extending not more than half way to the middle, and either the parts of the sinuses being rounded.

(Three"-nerved`) a. Having three nerves.

Three-nerved leaf(Bot.), a leaf having three distinct and prominent ribs, or nerves, extending from the base.

(Three"-part`ed) a. Divided into, or consisting of, three parts; tripartite.

Three-parted leaf(Bot.), a leaf divided into three parts down to the base, but not entirely separate.

(Three"pence) n. A small silver coin of three times the value of a penny. [Eng.]

(Three"pen*ny) a. Costing or worth three pence; hence, worth but little; poor; mean.

(Three"-pile`) n. An old name for the finest and most costly kind of velvet, having a fine, thick pile.

I have served Prince Florizel and in my time wore three- pile.

(Three"-piled`) a.

1. Having the quality of three-pile; best; most costly. [R.]

Thou art good velvet; thou 'rt three-piled piece.

Rule of three

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