(Rus"tic*ly) adv. In a rustic manner; rustically. Chapman.

(Rust"i*ly) adv. In a rusty state.

(Rust"i*ness), n. The quality or state of being rusty.

(Rus"tle) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Rustled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Rustling ] [AS. hristlan to rustle; or cf. Sw. rusta to stir, make a riot, or E. rush, v.]

1. To make a quick succession of small sounds, like the rubbing or moving of silk cloth or dry leaves.

He is coming; I hear his straw rustle.

Prouder than rustling in unpaid-for silk.

2. To stir about energetically; to strive to succeed; to bustle about. [Slang, Western U.S.]

(Rus"tle), v. t. To cause to rustle; as, the wind rustles the leaves.

(Rus"tle), n. A quick succession or confusion of small sounds, like those made by shaking leaves or straw, by rubbing silk, or the like; a rustling.

When the noise of a torrent, the rustle of a wood, the song of birds, or the play of lambs, had power to fill the attention, and suspend all perception of the course of time.

(Rus"tler) n.

1. One who, or that which, rustles.

2. A bovine animal that can care for itself in any circumstances; also, an alert, energetic, driving person. [Slang, Western U.S.]

(Rust"less) a. Free from rust.

(Rust"y) a. [AS. rustig.] [Compar. Rustier ; superl. Rustiest.]

1. Covered or affected with rust; as, a rusty knife or sword; rusty wheat.

2. Impaired by inaction, disuse, or neglect.

[Hector,] in this dull and long-continued truce,
Is rusty grown.

3. Discolored and rancid; reasty; as, rusty bacon.

4. Surly; morose; crusty; sullen. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] "Rusty words." Piers Plowman.

5. Rust-colored; dark. "Rusty blood." Spenser.

6. Discolored; stained; not cleanly kept; filthy.

The rusty little schooners that bring firewood from the British provinces.

7. (Bot.) Resembling, or covered with a substance resembling, rust; affected with rust; rubiginous.

(Rut) n. [F. rut, OF. ruit, L. rugitus a roaring, fr. rugire to roar; - - so called from the noise made by deer in rutting time.]

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