Parallel ruler. See under Parallel.

(Rul"ing), a.

1. Predominant; chief; reigning; controlling; as, a ruling passion; a ruling sovereign.

2. Used in marking or engraving lines; as, a ruling machine or pen.

Syn. — Predominant; chief; controlling; directing; guiding; governing; prevailing; prevalent.

(Rul"ing), n.

1. The act of one who rules; ruled lines.

2. (Law) A decision or rule of a judge or a court, especially an oral decision, as in excluding evidence.

(Rul"ing*ly), adv. In a ruling manner; so as to rule.

(Rul"li*chies) n. pl. [Cf. D. rolletje a little roll.] Chopped meat stuffed into small bags of tripe. They are cut in slices and fried. [Local, New York]

(Rul"y) a. [From Rule.] Orderly; easily restrained; — opposed to unruly. [Obs.] Gascoigne.

(Rum) n. [probably shortened from Prov. E. rumbullion a great tumult, formerly applied in the island of Barbadoes to an intoxicating liquor.] A kind of intoxicating liquor distilled from cane juice, or from the scummings of the boiled juice, or from treacle or molasses, or from the lees of former distillations. Also, sometimes used colloquially as a generic or a collective name for intoxicating liquor.

Rum bud, a grog blossom. [Colloq.] — Rum shrub, a drink composed of rum, water, sugar, and lime juice or lemon juice, with some flavoring extract.

(Rum), a. [Formerly rome, a slang word for good; possibly of Gypsy origin; cf. Gypsy rom a husband, a gypsy.] Old-fashioned; queer; odd; as, a rum idea; a rum fellow. [Slang] Dickens.

(Rum), n. A queer or odd person or thing; a country parson. [Slang, Obs.] Swift.

(Rum"ble) v. i. [OE. romblen, akin to D. rommelen, G. rumpeln, Dan. rumle; cf. Icel. rymja to roar.]

1. To make a low, heavy, continued sound; as, the thunder rumbles at a distance.

In the mean while the skies 'gan rumble sore.

The people cried and rombled up and down.

Ruler to Run

(Rul"er) n.

1. One who rules; one who exercises sway or authority; a governor.

And he made him ruler over all the land.
Gen. xli. 43.

A prince and ruler of the land.

2. A straight or curved strip of wood, metal, etc., with a smooth edge, used for guiding a pen or pencil in drawing lines. Cf. Rule, n., 7 (a).

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