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(Re*lat"ed) p. p. & a.

1. Allied by kindred; connected by blood or alliance, particularly by consanguinity; as, persons related in the first or second degree.

2. Standing in relation or connection; as, the electric and magnetic forcec are closely related.

3. Narrated; told.

4. (Mus.) Same as Relative, 4.

(Re*lat"ed*ness), n. The state or condition of being related; relationship; affinity. [R.] Emerson.

(Re*lat"er) n. One who relates or narrates.

(Re*la"tion) n. [F. relation, L. relatio. See Relate.]

1. The act of relating or telling; also, that which is related; recital; account; narration; narrative; as, the relation of historical events.

oet's relation doth well figure them.

2. The state of being related or of referring; what is apprehended as appertaining to a being or quality, by considering it in its bearing upon something else; relative quality or condition; the being such and such with regard or respect to some other thing; connection; as, the relation of experience to knowledge; the relation of master to servant.

Any sort of connection which is perceived or imagined between two or more things, or any comparison which is made by the mind, is a relation.
I. Taylor.

3. Reference; respect; regard.

I have been importuned to make some observations on this art in relation to its agreement with poetry.

4. Connection by consanguinity or affinity; kinship; relationship; as, the relation of parents and children.

Relations dear, and all the charities
Of father, son, and brother, first were known.

5. A person connected by cosanguinity or affinity; a relative; a kinsman or kinswoman.

For me . . . my relation does not care a rush.
Ld. Lytton.

6. (Law) (a) The carrying back, and giving effect or operation to, an act or proceeding frrom some previous date or time, by a sort of fiction, as if it had happened or begun at that time. In such case the act is said to take effect by relation. (b) The act of a relator at whose instance a suit is begun. Wharton. Burrill.

Syn. — Recital; rehearsal; narration; account; narrative; tale; detail; description; kindred; kinship; consanguinity; affinity; kinsman; kinswoman.

(Re*la"tion*al) a.

1. Having relation or kindred; related.

We might be tempted to take these two nations for relational stems.

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