Raccoon dog(Zoöl.), the tanate.Raccoon fox(Zoöl.), the cacomixle.

(Race) v. t. To raze. [Obs.] Spenser.

(Race) n. [OF. raïz, L. radix, -icis. See Radix.] A root. "A race or two of ginger." Shak.

Race ginger, ginger in the root, or not pulverized.

(Race), n. [F. race; cf. Pr. & Sp. raza, It. razza; all from OHG. reiza line, akin to E. write. See Write.]

1. The descendants of a common ancestor; a family, tribe, people, or nation, believed or presumed to belong to the same stock; a lineage; a breed.

The whole race of mankind.

Whence the long race of Alban fathers come.

Naturalists and ethnographers divide mankind into several distinct varieties, or races. Cuvier refers them all to three, Pritchard enumerates seven, Agassiz eight, Pickering describes eleven. One of the common classifications is that of Blumenbach, who makes five races: the Caucasian, or white race, to which belong the greater part of the European nations and those of Western Asia; the Mongolian, or yellow race, occupying Tartary, China, Japan, etc.; the Ethiopian, or negro race, occupying most of Africa Australia, Papua, and other Pacific Islands; the American, or red race, comprising the Indians of North and South America; and the Malayan, or brown race, which occupies the islands of the Indian Archipelago, etc.

3. Affected with the distemper called rabies; mad; as, a rabid dog or fox.

4. (Med.) Of or pertaining to rabies, or hydrophobia; as, rabid virus.

(Ra*bid"i*ty) n. Rabidness; furiousness.

(Rab"id*ly) adv. In a rabid manner; with extreme violence.

(Rab"id*ness), n. The quality or state of being rabid.

(||Ra"bi*es) n. [L. See Rage, n.] Same as Hydrophobia (b); canine madness.

(Rab"i*net) n. [Etymol. uncertain.] (Mil.) A kind of small ordnance formerly in use. [Written also rabanet.] Ainsworth.

(Ra"bi*ous) a. Fierce. [Obs.] Daniel.

(Ra"bot) n. [F.] A rubber of hard wood used in smoothing marble to be polished. Knight.

(||Ra"ca) a. [Gr. "raka`, from Chaldee reka.] A term of reproach used by the Jews of our Savior's time, meaning "worthless."

Whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council.
Matt. v. 22.

(||Ra`ca`hout") n. [F. racahout, probably fr. Ar. raqaut.] A preparation from acorns used by the Arabs as a substitute for chocolate, and also as a beverage for invalids.

(Rac*coon") n. [F. raton, prop., a little rat, fr. rat rat, perhaps of German origin. See Rat.] (Zoöl.) A North American nocturnal carnivore (Procyon lotor) allied to the bears, but much smaller, and having a long, full tail, banded with black and gray. Its body is gray, varied with black and white. Called also coon, and mapach.

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