(Pyr`a*mid"ic Pyr`a*mid"ic*al) a. Of or pertaining to a pyramid; having the form of a pyramid; pyramidal. " A pyramidical rock." Goldsmith. "Gold in pyramidic plenty piled." Shenstone.Pyr`a*mid"ic*al*ly, adv. Pyr`a*mild"ic*al*ness, n.

(||Pyr`a*mid"i*on) n.; pl. Pyramidia [NL., from L. pyramis. See Pyramid.] The small pyramid which crowns or completes an obelisk.

(Py*ram"i*doid) n. [Gr. pyramid + -id: cf. F. pyramidoïde.] A solid resembling a pyramid; — called also pyramoid. Barlow.

(||Pyr"a*mis) n.; pl. Pyramides [L.] A pyramid.

(Pyr"a*moid) n. See Pyramidoid.

(Py*rar"gy*rite) n. [Gr. fire + silver.] (Min.) Ruby silver; dark red silver ore. It is a sulphide of antimony and silver, occurring in rhombohedral crystals or massive, and is of a dark red or black color with a metallic adamantine luster.

(Pyre) n. [L. pure, Gr. fr. fire. See Fire.] A funeral pile; a combustible heap on which the dead are burned; hence, any pile to be burnt.

For nine long nights, through all the dusky air,
The pyres thick flaming shot a dismal glare.

(||Py*re"na) n.; pl. Pyrenæ [NL., fr. Gr. the stone of fruit.] (Bot.) A nutlet resembling a seed, or the kernel of a drupe. Gray.

(Py"rene) n. (Chem.) One of the less volatile hydrocarbons of coal tar, obtained as a white crystalline substance, C16H10.

(Py"rene), n. (Bot.) Same as Pyrena.

(Pyr`e*ne"an) a. [L. Pyrenaei (sc. montes) the Pyrenees, fr. Pyrene, Gr. a daughter of Bebryx, beloved by Hercules, and buried upon these mountains.] Of or pertaining to the Pyrenees, a range of mountains separating France and Spain.n. The Pyrenees. Shak.

(Py*re"noid) n. [Gr. like a kernel. See Pyrena, and -oid.] (Zoöl.) A transparent body found in the chromatophores of certain Infusoria.

(Pyr"eth*rin) n. [NL. Pyrethrum, generic name of feverfew, Gr. feverfew.] (Chem.) A substance resembling, and isomeric with, ordinary camphor, and extracted from the essential oil of feverfew; — called also Pyrethrum camphor.

(Pyr"eth*rine) n. (Chem.) An alkaloid extracted from the root of the pellitory of Spain

(Py*ret"ic) a. [Gr. burning heat, fever, from fire: cf. F. pyrétique.] (Med.) Of or pertaining to fever; febrile.

(Pyr`e*tol"o*gy) n. [Gr. fever + -logy: cf. F. pyrétologie.] (Med.) A discourse or treatise on fevers; the doctrine of fevers. Hooper.

(||Py*rex"i*a) n.; pl. Pyrexiæ [NL., fr. Gr. to be feverish, akin to fever.] (Med.) The febrile condition.

(Py*rex"i*al Py*rex"ic*al) a. (Med.) Of or pertaining to fever; feverish.

(Pyr"gom) n. [Gr. a place furnished with towers, fr. a tower.] (Min.) A variety of pyroxene; — called also fassaite.

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