Putrid fever(Med.), typhus fever; — so called from the decomposing and offensive state of the discharges and diseased textures of the body.Putrid sore throat(Med.), a gangrenous inflammation of the fauces and pharynx.

(Pu*trid"i*ty) n. [Cf. F. putridité.] The quality of being putrid; putrefaction; rottenness.

(Pu"trid*ness) n. Putridity. Floyer.

(Pu"tri*fac`ted) a. [See Putrefy.] Putrefied. [Obs.]

What vermin bred of putrifacted slime.

Pu``tre*fac"tive*ness, n.

(Pu"tre*fy) v. t. [Written also putrify.] [imp. & p. p. Putrefied ; p. pr. & vb. n. Putrefying ] [F. putréfier; L. putrere to be rotten + - ficare (in. comp.) to make; cf. L. putrefacere. See Putrid, and - fy.]

1. To render putrid; to cause to decay offensively; to cause to be decomposed; to cause to rot.

2. To corrupt; to make foul.

Private suits do putrefy the public good.

They would but stink, and putrefy the air.

3. To make morbid, carious, or gangrenous; as, to putrefy an ulcer or wound.

(Pu"tre*fy), v. i. To become putrid; to decay offensively; to rot. Isa. 1. 6.

(Pu*tres"cence) n. The state of being putrescent; putrescent matter.

(Pu*tres"cent) a. [L. putrescens, p. pr.of putrescere to grow rotten, v. incho. fr. putrere to be rotten. See Putrid.]

1. Becoming putrid or rotten.

Externally powerful, although putrescent at the core.

2. Of or pertaining to the process of putrefaction; as, a putrescent smell.

(Pu*tres"ci*ble) a. Capable of putrefaction; liable to become putrid; as, putrescible substances.

(Pu*tres"ci*ble), n. A substance, usually nitrogenous, which is liable to undergo decomposition when in contact with air and moisture at ordinary temperatures.

(Pu*tres"cin) n. (Physiol. Chem.) A nontoxic diamine, C4H12N2, formed in the putrefaction of the flesh of mammals and some other animals.

(Pu"trid) a. [L. putridus, fr. putrere to be rotten, fr. puter, or putris, rotten, fr. putere to stink, to be rotten: cf. F. putride. See Pus, Foul, a.]

1. Tending to decomposition or decay; decomposed; rotten; — said of animal or vegetable matter; as, putrid flesh. See Putrefaction.

2. Indicating or proceeding from a decayed state of animal or vegetable matter; as, a putrid smell.

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