Purpre to Puseyism

(Pur"pre) n. & a. Purple. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Pur*pres"ture) n. [Probably corrupted (see Prest) fr. OF. pourprisure, fr. pourprendre: cf. LL. purprestura. Cf. Purprise.] (Law) Wrongful encroachment upon another's property; esp., any encroachment upon, or inclosure of, that which should be common or public, as highways, rivers, harbors, forts, etc. [Written also pourpresture.]

(Pur"prise) n. [OF. pourpris,fr. pourprendre to take away entirely; pour for + prendre to take.] A close or inclosure; the compass of a manor. Bacon.

(||Pur"pu*ra) n. [L., purple, purple fish: cf. F. purpura. See Purple.]

1. (Med.) A disease characterized by livid spots on the skin from extravasated blood, with loss of muscular strength, pain in the limbs, and mental dejection; the purples. Dunglison.

2. (Zoöl.) A genus of marine gastropods, usually having a rough and thick shell. Some species yield a purple dye.

(Pur"pu*rate) a. Of or pertaining to purpura.

(Pur"pu*rate), n. (Chem.) A salt of purpuric acid.

(Pur"pure) n. [L. purpura purple. See Purple.] (Her.) Purple, — represented in engraving by diagonal lines declining from the right top to the left base of the escutcheon (or from sinister chief to dexter base).

(Pur*pu"re*al) a. Of a purple color; purple.

(Pur*pu"re*o-) A combining form signifying of a purple or purple-red color. Specif. (Chem.), used in designating certain brilliant purple-red compounds of cobaltic chloride and ammonia, similar to the roseocobaltic compounds. See Cobaltic.

(Pur*pu"ric) a. [Cf. F. purpurique.]

1. (Med.) Of or pertaining to purpura. Dunglison.

2. (Chem.) Pertaining to or designating, a nitrogenous acid contained in uric acid. It is not known in the pure state, but forms well-known purple-red compounds (as murexide), whence its name.

Purpuric acid was formerly used to designate murexan. See Murexan.

(Pur"pu*rin) n. (Chem.) A dyestuff resembling alizarin, found in madder root, and extracted as an orange or red crystalline substance.

(Pur`pu*rip"a*rous) a. [L. purpura purple + parere to produce.] (Biol.) Producing, or connected with, a purple-colored secretion; as, the purpuriparous gland of certain gastropods.

(Pur`pu*rog"e*nous) a. [L. purpura purple + -genous.] (Biol.) Having the power to produce a purple color; as, the purpurogenous membrane, or choroidal epithelium, of the eye. See Visual purple, under Visual.

(Purr) v. i. & t. To murmur as a cat. See Pur.

(Purr), n. The low murmuring sound made by a cat; pur. See Pur.

(Purre) n. (Zoöl.) The dunlin. [Prov. Eng.]

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