1. (Phys. Geog.) A high point of land or rock projecting into the sea beyond the line of coast; a headland; a high cape.

Like one that stands upon a promontory.

2. (Anat.) A projecting part. Especially: (a) The projecting angle of the ventral side of the sacrum where it joins the last lumbar vertebra. (b) A prominence on the inner wall of the tympanum of the ear.

(Pro*mor`pho*log"ic*al) a. (Biol.) Relating to promorphology; as, a promorphological conception.

(Pro`mor*phol"o*gist) n. (Biol.) One versed in the science of promorphology.

(Pro`mor*phol"o*gy) n. [Pref. pro- + morphology.] (Biol.) Crystallography of organic forms; — a division of morphology created by Haeckel. It is essentially stereometric, and relates to a mathematical conception of organic forms. See Tectology.

(Pro*mote") v. t. [imp. & p. p. Promoted; p. pr. & vb. n. Promoting.] [L. promotus, p. p. of promovere to move forward, to promote; pro forward + movere to move. See Move.]

1. To contribute to the growth, enlargement, or prosperity of (any process or thing that is in course); to forward; to further; to encourage; to advance; to excite; as, to promote learning; to promote disorder; to promote a business venture. "Born to promote all truth." Milton.

2. To exalt in station, rank, or honor; to elevate; to raise; to prefer; to advance; as, to promote an officer.

I will promote thee unto very great honor.
Num. xxii. 17.

Exalt her, and she shall promote thee.
Prov. iv. 18.

Syn. — To forward; advance; further; patronize; help; exalt; prefer; elevate; dignify.

(Pro*mote"), v. i. To urge on or incite another, as to strife; also, to inform against a person. [Obs.]

(Pro*mot"er) n.

1. One who, or that which, forwards, advances, or promotes; an encourager; as, a promoter of charity or philosophy. Boyle.

2. Specifically, one who sets on foot, and takes the preliminary steps in, a scheme for the organization of a corporation, a joint-stock company, or the like.

3. One who excites; as, a promoter of sedition.

4. An informer; a makebate. [Obs.] Tusser.

(Pro*mo"tion) n. [L. promotio: cf. F. promotion.] The act of promoting, advancing, or encouraging; the act of exalting in rank or honor; also, the condition of being advanced, encouraged, or exalted in honor; preferment. Milton.

Promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south.
Ps. lxxv. 6.

(Pro*mo"tive) a. Tending to advance, promote, or encourage. Hume.

(Pro*move") v. t. [See Promote.] To move forward; to advance; to promote. [Obs.] Bp. Fell.

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