Reformed Presbyterians. See Cameronian.

(Pres`by*te"ri*an*ism) n. [Cf. F. presbytérianisme.] That form of church government which invests presbyters with all spiritual power, and admits no prelates over them; also, the faith and polity of the Presbyterian churches, taken collectively.

(||Pres`by*te"ri*um) n. [L.] (Arch.) Same as Presbytery, 4.

(Pres"by*ter*ship) n. The office or station of a presbyter; presbyterate.

(Pres"by*ter*y) n.; pl. Presbyteries [L. presbyterium, Gr. . See Presbyter, and cf. Presbyterium.]

1. A body of elders in the early Christian church.

Presbyopia to Presentable

(||Pres`by*o"pi*a) [NL., from Gr. old, n., an old man + the eye.] (Med.) A defect of vision consequent upon advancing age. It is due to rigidity of the crystalline lens, which produces difficulty of accommodation and recession of the near point of vision, so that objects very near the eyes can not be seen distinctly without the use of convex glasses. Called also presbytia.

(Pres`by*op"ic) a. Affected by presbyopia; also, remedying presbyopia; farsighted.

(Pres"by*o`py) n. [Cf. F. presbyopie.] See Presbyopia.

(Pres"byte) n. Same as Presbyope.

(Pres"by*ter) n. [L. an elder, fr. Gr. . See Priest.]

1. An elder in the early Christian church. See 2d Citation under Bishop, n., 1.

2. (Ch. of Eng. & Prot. Epis. Ch.) One ordained to the second order in the ministry; — called also priest.

I rather term the one sort presbyter than priest.

New presbyter is but old priest writ large.

3. (Presbyterian Ch.) A member of a presbytery whether lay or clerical.

4. A Presbyterian. [Obs.] Hudibras.

(Pres*byt"er*al) a. Of or pertaining to a presbyter or presbytery; presbyterial.

(Pres*byt"er*ate) n. [L. presbyteratus: cf. F. presbytérat.] A presbytery; also, presbytership. Heber.

(Pres"by*ter*ess), n. A female presbyter. Bale.

(Pres`by*te"ri*al) a. [Cf. F. presbytéral.] Presbyterian. "Presbyterial government." Milton.

(Pres`by*te"ri*an) a. [Cf. F. presbytérien.] Of or pertaining to a presbyter, or to ecclesiastical government by presbyters; relating to those who uphold church government by presbyters; also, to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of a communion so governed.

(Pres`by*te"ri*an), n. [Cf. F. presbytérien.] One who maintains the validity of ordination and government by presbyters; a member of the Presbyterian church.

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