(Pounce) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Pounded ; p. pr. & vb. n. Pouncing ] To sprinkle or rub with pounce; as, to pounce paper, or a pattern.

(Pounce), n. [Prob. through French, from an assumed LL. punctiare to prick, L. pungere, punctum. See Puncheon, Punch, v. t.]

1. The claw or talon of a bird of prey. Spenser. Burke.

2. A punch or stamp. [Obs.] "A pounce to print money with." Withals.

3. Cloth worked in eyelet holes. [Obs.] Homilies.

(Pounce), v. t.

1. To strike or seize with the talons; to pierce, as with the talons. [Archaic]

Stooped from his highest pitch to pounce a wren.

Now pounce him lightly,
And as he roars and rages, let's go deeper.
J. Fletcher.

2. To punch; to perforate; to stamp holes in, or dots on, by way of ornament. [Obs.] Sir T. Elyot.

(Pounce), v. i. To fall suddenly and seize with the claws; — with on or upon; as, a hawk pounces upon a chicken. Also used figuratively.

Derision is never so agonizing as when it pounces on the wanderings of misguided sensibility.

(Pounced) a.

1. Furnished with claws or talons; as, the pounced young of the eagle. Thomson.

2. Ornamented with perforations or dots. [Obs.] "Gilt bowls pounced and pierced." Holinshed.

Pouncet box
(Poun"cet box`) [Cf. F. poncette, fr. ponce pounce. See Pounce a powder.] A box with a perforated lid, for sprinkling pounce, or for holding perfumes. Shak.

(Poun"cing) n.

1. The art or practice of transferring a design by means of pounce.

2. Decorative perforation of cloth. [Obs.]

(Pound) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Pounded; p. pr. & vb. n. Pounding.] [OE. pounen, AS. punian to bruise. Cf. Pun a play on words.]

1. To strike repeatedly with some heavy instrument; to beat.

With cruel blows she pounds her blubbered cheeks.

2. To comminute and pulverize by beating; to bruise or break into fine particles with a pestle or other heavy instrument; as, to pound spice or salt.

(Pound), v. i.

1. To strike heavy blows; to beat.

2. (Mach.) To make a jarring noise, as in running; as, the engine pounds.

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