Poppet head, Puppet head. See Headstock (a).

(Pop"pied) a. [See 1st Poppy.]

1. Mingled or interspersed with poppies. "Poppied corn." Keats.

2. Affected with poppy juice; hence, figuratively, drugged; drowsy; listless; inactive. [R.]

The poppied sails doze on the yard.

(Pop"ping) a. & n. from Pop.

Popping crease. (Cricket) See under Crease.

(Pop"ple) v. i. [Cf. Pop.] To move quickly up and down; to bob up and down, as a cork on rough water; also, to bubble. Cotton.

(Pop"ple), n.

1. The poplar. [Prov. Eng. & Local, U. S.]

2. Tares. [Obs.] "To sow popple among wheat." Bale.

(Pop"py) n.; pl. Poppies [OE. popy, AS. popig, L. papaver.] (Bot.) Any plant or species of the genus Papaver, herbs with showy polypetalous flowers and a milky juice. From one species (Papaver somniferum) opium is obtained, though all the species contain it to some extent; also, a flower of the plant. See Illust. of Capsule.

California poppy(Bot.), any yellow- flowered plant of the genus Eschscholtzia.Corn poppy. See under Corn.Horn, or Horned, poppy. See under Horn.Poppy bee(Zoöl.), a leaf- cutting bee (Anthocopa papaveris) which uses pieces cut from poppy petals for the lining of its cells; — called also upholsterer bee.Prickly poppy(Bot.), Argemone Mexicana, a yellow-flowered plant of the Poppy family, but as prickly as a thistle.Poppy seed, the seed the opium poppy (P. somniferum).Spatling poppy(Bot.), a species of Silene See Catchfly.

(Pop"py Pop"py*head`) n. [F. poupée doll, puppet. See Puppet.] (Arch.) A raised ornament frequently having the form of a final. It is generally used on the tops of the upright ends or elbows which terminate seats, etc., in Gothic churches.

(Pop*lit"e*al) a. [From L. poples, -itis, the ham.] (Anat.) Of or pertaining to the ham; in the region of the ham, or behind the knee joint; as, the popliteal space.

(Pop*lit"ic) a. (Anat.) Popliteal.

(Pop"per) n. A utensil for popping corn, usually a wire basket with a long handle.

(Pop"per), n. A dagger. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Pop"pet) n.

1. See Puppet.

2. (Naut.) One of certain upright timbers on the bilge ways, used to support a vessel in launching. Totten.

3. (Mach.) An upright support or guide fastened at the bottom only.

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