(Min.), repeated twinning, like that of the triclinic feldspar, producing fine parallel bands in alternately reversed positions.

(Pol`y*syn*thet"i*cism) n. Polysynthesis.

(Pol`y*tech"nic) a. [Gr. poly`technos; poly`s many + te`chnh an art: cf. F. polytechnique.] Comprehending, or relating to, many arts and sciences; — applied particularly to schools in which many branches of art and science are taught with especial reference to their practical application; also to exhibitions of machinery and industrial products.

(Pol`y*tech"nic*al) a. Polytechnic.

(Pol`y*tech"nics) n. The science of the mechanic arts.

(||Pol`y*tha*la"mi*a) n. pl. [NL. See Polythalamous.] (Zoöl.) A division of Foraminifera including those having a manychambered shell.

(Pol`y*thal"a*mous) a. [Poly- + Gr. a chamber.] (Zoöl.) Many-chambered; — applied to shells of Foraminifera and cephalopods. See Illust. of Nautilus.

(Pol"y*the*ism) n. [Poly- + Gr. cf. F. polythéisme.] The doctrine of, or belief in, a plurality of gods.

In the Old Testament, the gradual development of polytheism from the primitive monotheism may be learned.

(Pol"y*the*ist), n. [Cf. F. polythéiste.] One who believes in, or maintains the doctrine of, a plurality of gods.

(Pol`y*the*is"tic Pol`y*the*is"tic*al) a. Of or pertaining to polytheism; characterized by polytheism; professing or advocating polytheism; as, polytheistic worship; a polytheistic author, or nation.Pol`y*the*is"tic*al*ly, adv.

(Pol"y*the*ize) v. i. To adhere to, advocate, or inculcate, the doctrine of polytheism. Milman.

(Pol`y*the"lism) n. [Poly- + Gr. qhlh` a nipple.] (Anat.) The condition of having more than two teats, or nipples.

(Po*lyt"o*cous) a. [Gr. poly`s many + offspring.]

1. (Bot.) Bearing fruit repeatedly, as most perennial plants; polycarpic.

2. (Zoöl.) Producing many or young.

(Po*lyt"o*mous) a. [Poly- + Gr. a cutting, fr. to cut.] (Bot.) Subdivided into many distinct subordinate parts, which, however, not being jointed to the petiole, are not true leaflets; — said of leaves. Henslow.

(Po*lyt"o*my) n. (Logic) A division into many members. F. Bowen.

(Pol`y*tung"state) n. A salt of polytungstic acid.

(Pol`y*tung"stic) a. (Chem.) Containing several tungsten atoms or radicals; as, polytungstic acid.

Polytungstic acid(Chem.), any one of several complex acids of tungsten containing more than one atom of tungsten.

Polysynthetic twinning

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