2. To violate sexually; to debauch; to dishonor.

3. (Jewish Law) To render ceremonially unclean; to disqualify or unfit for sacred use or service, or for social intercourse.

Neither shall ye pollute the holy things of the children of Israel, lest ye die.
Num. xviii. 32.

They have polluted themselves with blood.
Lam. iv. 14.

Syn. — To defile; soil; contaminate; corrupt; taint; vitiate; debauch; dishonor; ravish.

(Pol*lute"), a. [L. pollutus.] Polluted. [R.] Milton.

(Pol*lut"ed), a. Defiled; made unclean or impure; debauched.Pol*lut"ed*ly, adv.Pol*lut"ed*ness, n.

(Pol*lut"er) n. One who pollutes. Dryden.

(Pol*lut"ing), a. Adapted or tending to pollute; causing defilement or pollution.Pol*lut"ing*ly, adv.

(Pol*lu"tion) n. [L. pollutio: cf. F. pollution.]

1. The act of polluting, or the state of being polluted (in any sense of the verb); defilement; uncleanness; impurity.

2. (Med.) The emission of semen, or sperm, at other times than in sexual intercourse. Dunglison.

(||Pol"lux) n. [L., the twin brother of castor; also, the constellation.]

1. (Astron.) A fixed star of the second magnitude, in the constellation Gemini. Cf. 3d Castor.

2. (Min.) Same as Pollucite.

(Pol"ly) n. A woman's name; also, a popular name for a parrot.

(Pol"ly*wog) n. (Zoöl.) A polliwig.

(Po"lo) n. [Of Eastern origin; — properly, the ball used in the game.]

1. A game of ball of Eastern origin, resembling hockey, with the players on horseback.

2. A similar game played on the ice, or on a prepared floor, by players wearing skates.

(Po`lo*naise") a. [F. polonais, polonaise, Polish.] Of or pertaining to the Poles, or to Poland. [Written also Polonese.]

(Po`lo*naise") n. [Written also Polonese and Polonoise.]

1. The Polish language.

2. An article of dress for women, consisting of a body and an outer skirt in one piece.

3. (Mus.) A stately Polish dance tune, in 3-4 measure, beginning always on the beat with a quaver followed by a crotchet, and closing on the beat after a strong accent on the second beat; also, a dance adapted to such music; a polacca.

(Po`lo*nese") a. & n. See Polonaise.

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