(Pi*rat"ic*al) a. [L. piraticus, Gr. : cf. F. piratique.] Of or pertaining to a pirate; acquired by, or practicing, piracy; as, a piratical undertaking. "Piratical printers." Pope.Pi*rat"ic*al*ly, adv.

(||Pi*ra"ya) n. [From the native name.] (Zoöl.) A large voracious fresh-water fish (Serrasalmo piraya) of South America, having lancet-shaped teeth.

(Pir"ie) n. (Naut.) See Pirry.

(Pir"ie), n. [See Pear.] (Bot.) A pear tree. [Written also pery, pyrie.] [Obs.] Chaucer.

(||Pi`ri*ri"gua) n. [From the native name.] (Zoöl.) A South American bird (Guira guira) allied to the cuckoos.

(Pirl) v. t. [Cf. Purl.]

1. To spin, as a top.

2. To twist or twine, as hair in making fishing lines.

(Pirn) n. [Etymol. uncertain.] A quill or reed on which thread or yarn is wound; a bobbin; also, the wound yarn on a weaver's shuttle; also, the reel of a fishing rod. [Scot.]

(Pi*rogue") n. [Originally an American Indian word: cf. F. pirogue, Sp. piroga, piragua.] A dugout canoe; by extension, any small boat. [Written variously periauger, perogue, piragua, periagua, etc.]

(Pir`ou*ette") n. [F.; of uncertain origin.]

1. A whirling or turning on the toes in dancing.

2. (Man.) The whirling about of a horse.

(Pir`ou*ette"), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Pirouetted ; p. pr. & vb. n. Pirouetting.] [F. pirouetter.] To perform a pirouette; to whirl, like a dancer.

(Pir"ry, Pir"rie) n. [Cf. Scot. pirr a gentle breeze, Icel. byrr a prosperous wind, bylr a blast of wind.] A rough gale of wind. [Obs.] Sir T. Elyot.

(Pis`as*phal"tum) n. See Pissasphalt.

(Pi"say) n. (Arch.) See Pisé.

(Pis"ca*ry) n. [L. piscarius relating to fishes or to fishing, fr. piscis a fish.] (Law) The right or privilege of fishing in another man's waters. Blackstone.

(Pis*ca"tion) n. [L. piscatio, fr. piscari to fish.] Fishing; fishery. [Obs.] Sir T. Browne.

(||Pis*ca"tor) n. [L.] A fisherman; an angler.

(Pis`ca*to"ri*al Pis"ca*to*ry) a. [L. piscatorius, fr. piscator a fisherman, fr. piscari to fish, fr. piscis a fish. See Fish the animal.] Of or pertaining to fishes or fishing. Addison.

(||Pis"ces) n. pl. [L. piscis a fish.]

1. (Astron.) (a) The twelfth sign of the zodiac, marked &pisces in almanacs. (b) A zodiacal constellation, including the first point of Aries, which is the vernal equinoctial point; the Fish.

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