Pin-tailed to Pique

(Pin"-tailed`) a. (Zoöl.) Having a tapered tail, with the middle feathers longest; — said of birds.

(Pin"tle) n. [A diminutive of Pin.]

1. A little pin.

2. (Mech.) An upright pivot pin; as: (a) The pivot pin of a hinge. (b) A hook or pin on which a rudder hangs and turns. (c) A pivot about which the chassis swings, in some kinds of gun carriages. (d) A kingbolt of a wagon.

(Pin"tos) n. pl.; sing. Pinto [Sp., painted, mottled.] (Eyhnol.) A mountain tribe of Mexican Indians living near Acapulco. They are remarkable for having the dark skin of the face irregularly spotted with white. Called also speckled Indians.

(Pin"ule) n. [Cf. Pinnule.] (Astron.) One of the sights of an astrolabe. [Obs.]

(||Pi"nus) n. [L., a pine tree.] (Bot.) A large genus of evergreen coniferous trees, mostly found in the northern hemisphere. The genus formerly included the firs, spruces, larches, and hemlocks, but is now limited to those trees which have the primary leaves of the branchlets reduced to mere scales, and the secondary ones (pine needles) acicular, and usually in fascicles of two to seven. See Pine.

(Pin"weed`) n. (Bot.) Any plant of the genus Lechea, low North American herbs with branching stems, and very small and abundant leaves and flowers.

(Pin"worm`) n. (Zoöl.) A small nematoid worm which is parasitic chiefly in the rectum of man. It is most common in children and aged persons.

(||Pinx"it) [L., perfect indicative 3d sing. of pingere to paint.] A word appended to the artist's name or initials on a painting, or engraved copy of a painting; as, Rubens pinxit, Rubens painted

(Pinx"ter) n. See Pinkster.

(Pin"y) a. Abounding with pines. [Written also piney.] "The piny wood." Longfellow.

(Pi"o*ned) a. A Shakespearean word of disputed meaning; perh., "abounding in marsh marigolds."

Thy banks with pioned and twilled brims.

(Pi`o*neer") n. [F. pionier, orig., a foot soldier, OF. peonier, fr. OF. peon a foot soldier, F. pion. See Pawn in chess.]

1. (Mil.) A soldier detailed or employed to form roads, dig trenches, and make bridges, as an army advances.

2. One who goes before, as into the wilderness, preparing the way for others to follow; as, pioneers of civilization; pioneers of reform.

(Pi`o*neer"), v. t. & i. [imp. & p. p. Pioneered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Pioneering.] To go before, and prepare or open a way for; to act as pioneer.

(Pi`o*ner") n. A pioneer. [Obs.] Shak.

(Pi"o*ny) n. (Bot.) See Peony.

(Pi"ot) n. [See Piet.] (Zoöl.) The magpie. [Obs. or Prov. Eng. & Scot.] Holland.

(Pi"ous) a. [L. pius: cf. F. pieux.]

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